TTW-MarketVolumePro represents a new generation of market indicators for professional traders. In this article I am explaining the meaning and usage of the TTW-MarketVolumePro. Read more…

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Order Book reading isn’t diffcult if you understand how it is organized and how to read it. Organize a DOM in Bookmap in few simple steps.  Start becoming a professional trader by reading the Order Book. Make your trading easier!  READ MORE

Bookmap trading helps to reduce the drawdown in daily trading. Read my view on drawdown in this article. If you are a trader who is used to make his decisions based on candle, foot print or volume profile charts then it is more likely that the drawdown become larger. The reason – in my opinion is – that these traders don’t really see what the market makers are planning. This is because of the nature of these charting systems. Every line, indicator or candle is plotted on the chart AFTER the event happened. READ MORE! Bookmap Trading

Trading and objectivity sound contradictory. I claim that is not the case. In addition to the right understanding of the market, we also need the right tools and data to better understand the intentions of the market.  Read more…Bookmap Trading

Improve your Trading with optimal MAE (Maximal Adverse Excursion) and MFE (Maximum Favorable Excursion) unsing Bookmap DOM and it’s visualization. Read More…

Bookmap Trading with VWAP increases your chances to see what professionals are doing.  Read More ..