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Analyze markets like a pro for consistent trading!

Pro analysis for Futures, Stocks and Cryptos.
Displays signals directly on Bookmap Chart.
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What We Offer

Trade consistently with TTW - Stocks, Futures, and Cryptos. Day trading is a challenging profession. A trader must decide in the now to put his money at risk or not. TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap can reduce the risk and strengthen traders' confidence because TTW-TradeFinder analyzes every market in real-time and indicates the best trading spots. You will know when and where to trade, and understanding the price direction enhances traders' confidence and hence their psychological strength to execute. Giving TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap a chance is equal to giving yourself a chance for consistent success in your trading.

Based on Order Flow

Get insights about the micro structure of every liquid market. No guessing, no assuming.

Based on TTW-TradeFinder Ultra

TTW-TradeFinder is the microscope which let you see the hidden market power behind every market: Crypto, Stock or Future. TTW-TradeFinder is one of the best market analysis tools available.

Based on the best data feed

TTW-TradeFinder real time analysis tools available for Bookmap. We recommend Rithmic full MBO Depth or DXFeed.

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