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TradeFinder Ultra and TrendAnalyzer Pro for Bookmap Empower Traders with Enhanced Market Understanding and Informed Decision Making.

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Innovative Software & Addons
We constantly refine our software and strategies for experts, with the goal to master trading.
Clean Charts for Clean Minds
Our software aims to reduce noise on your screen to a maximum - so you can focus on whats important: Your trading.
Versatility in Trading
Whether you trade Futures, Stocks or Cryptos - TTW Software works with any liquid instrument.
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Orderflow made Transparent

Expert Software for Bookmap

Innovation and Practicality

TradeFinder Ultra offers a comprehensive suite for real-time analysis of market order flow events.

TradeFinder Ultra redefines real-time order flow analysis.
Gain unmatched insights with TradeFinder Ultra into key market metrics.
TradeFinder Ultra merges real-time data with modern visuals.
Stay informed with TradeFinder Ultra's instant Telegram updates.
Boost your trading with TradeFinder Ultra's seamless integration with TrendAnalyzer Pro.
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Not just Trends, but a Whole New Level of Insight.

Detect and enter trends in real-time including seamless TradeFinder ULTRA integration.

TrendAnalyzer continuously distinguishes genuine trends from market noise.
Ride trends confidently with insights from TTW-TrendAnalyzer, informing your trade decisions
Confirm trend strength and durability with TrendAnalyzer for reliable trading signals.
Get timely alerts on trend reversals with TrendAnalyzer to adjust your strategy.
Customize TrendAnalyzer to suit diverse market conditions and trading styles.
Trading Chart with active TrendAnalyzer indicator

Bid, Ask and Market Volume Analysis Made Easy.

Analyze Bid and Ask trades in depth.

Analyze Bid and Ask Imbalances.
Spot divergences and volume deltas.
Detect congestion zones based of vDelta.
See who is leading the price: buyers or sellers.
Be aware of price stops at tops and bottoms.
Be alerted by Telegram notifications.
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