Master Market Analysis: Trade Consistently Like a Pro with Our Cutting-Edge Tools

TradeFinder and TrendAnalyzer Pro for Bookmap Empower Traders with Enhanced Market Understanding and Informed Decision-Making.

About TradeFinder

Check out our advanced trading solution providing In-depth analysis of aggressor and limit order behavior, Iceberg Orders, Stop Runs and much more.

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About TrendAnalyzer Pro

Simplify trend detection, trend analysis and more with this powerful trading solution, ultimately enhancing your overall trading performance.

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Full integration

Our cutting-edge solution, enabling you to filter relevant market events in TradeFinder based on current trends determined by TrendAnalyzer Pro.

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Unmatched Versatility

TradeFinder and TrendAnalyzer Pro support futures, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

The Tradefinder software is an outstanding tool that identifies and measures the internal components of the auction process that largely influence future prices, and that are rarely available to the retail trader. Together with the heatmap in Bookmap, the signals from Tradefinder enable the trader to make informed decisions very quickly. I believe this combination offers the trader the best chance of success!
Today, all of my trading decisions are predicated by the Tradefinder for Bookmap software. I am grateful for everything that I learned from the TTW group of skilled software engineers and traders at ttwtrader!

John Landberg
Futures Trader

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Maximize Your Trading Potential: Unlock Success with the Best Market Analysis Tools Available!

At our company, we understand the importance of providing traders with the most innovative and advanced tools to elevate their trading performance. That's why our products are developed by traders, for traders. We know firsthand the challenges of navigating today's complex and dynamic markets, and we are dedicated to providing solutions that make the trading process more efficient, streamlined, and profitable.


Experience comprehensive market insights: TradeFinder provides detailed information on icebergs, orderbook imbalances, liquidity changes, sweeps, and absorptions - all in one package!

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TrendAnalyzer Pro

Maximize your trading potential: introducing TrendAnalyzer Pro add-on for Bookmap! This innovative solution empowers traders to identify the dominant market trend and potential entry and exit points by analyzing key factors such as average price, volatility, and trend switch conditions.

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Advanced Market Volume Pro

Discover the power of Advanced Market Volume Pro for Bookmap: this advanced trading solution is developed to provide non-lagging traded market or aggressor volume information data throughout your trading day.

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