Profitable Trading with Bookmap™ – Auction, LOB Basics, Market Mechanics, Profitable Strategies

26. April 2019, by wtlwtl

Profitable Trading with Bookmap – Auction, LOB, Market Mechanics, Strategies 5 Days Online Webinar á 5 Hours per Day** Investment in yourself  $ 2.490,- (CC Easy Pay) Including all Materials, Documentation, rec. Videos Echofin Group Mentoring, Live Education Room

Seminar Start via Zoom Meeting November, 18. – 22. 2019 Frankfurt (UTC+1) 2.00 pm London (UTC)  1.00 pm Tel Aviv (UTC+2) 3.00 pm  Manila (UTC+8) 9.00 pm  New York (UTC-5) 8.00 am Chicago (UTC-6) 7:00 am Los Angeles (UTC-8) 5:00 am Sydney (UTC+10) 12:00 am See also

**Due to participants from different countries and time zones starting time is scheduled to have the least possible impact on personal well being. Trading Bookmap

Trading with Bookmap

Course Description

By taking this course you will learn how to read the Order Book and understand the key order book concepts of Liquidity, Exhaustion, Absorption, Sweeping, Finished Auctions. You will understand how Book Flipping, Spoofing, Layering, Pulling and Stacking support your trading decisions. Based on that knowledge you will start to identify real time trading opportunities based on raw volume data. You will understand their significance and how you can act upon. Trading with Bookmap With this understanding, built up from first principles, you will learn how to effectively apply Bookmap™’s data presentation as a visualisation aid that allows you to follow the order flow and make objective trading decisions. In advanced concepts and strategies you will learn more about liquidity and absorbation, it’s characteristics and why and when they happen. Based on that knowledge we will show you at least 5 working strategies which you can usse in your preferred trading environment. Advanced concepts include also the correlation section where you will learn about market correlations and how they support you in your trading decisions. It will become apparent to you how, when and why to apply and act on order flow events as they happen in real time. All strategies based in Order Book and Order Flow has been tested and proofed in our daily trading. A 350 pages documentation, quizzes, recorded files and intensive practice completes this 25 hours  seminar. 

Seminar Content – Trading with Bookmap

Focused education on real market mechanics is the most effective way to make your trading sustainable profitable!
Our 25 hour Seminar starts with the Auction because it’s the “cell” of all our trading. The order book mechanic will be translated with the help of Bookmap™ visualization software into a visible part. Visualization of real time market movements gives us the advantage to understand what is really happening in the traded market and how we can profit. Actual recorded files help us to connect the theory and practice. Advanced Bookmap™ build in indications will support us in our executions. And finally we will learn that everything is connected – even exchanges!
Contrary Tading with Bookmap

Contrary Trading with Bookmap Course Plan

The presented seminar modules will be supported by: 
  • Simulated Auction with the group
  • Practice based on actual recorded replay file
  • Quizzes via Google Docs
“They covered a new and somewhat complicated subject,(how to read order flow and trade it). They gave the background in depth of how to read the order book and gave concrete trading strategies that you can apply immediately if you are ready.” Seminar Participant (03/2019)

What’s in for you?

You will learn how the markets really work, and you will get practical and specific recommendations for profiting in: 
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Futures
  • Currencies
For your support, I have written a more then 350 pages “Contrary Trading with Bookmap™” documentation. It serves along the recorded seminar videos as an permanent study guide on your way to profitability. All contrary trading principles and strategies presented and discussed during my  seminar works in all liquid markets.  Finally you will understand:
  • What the market is really doing in real time
  • Reasons for price moves
  • Trading opportunities
  • End and beginning of a price move
  • Where important market reversals are
  • End of an trend  by bullish / bearish consensus
  • Profitable low risk entries 
“These two guys are the most honest and hardest working educators I’ve ever been exposed too. After 40 years on Wall St running and manageing my own hedge fund I would highly,highly recommend them.”  R.C. (03/2019)

Who I am 

Walter Lesicar is  an experienced future traders for more then 10 years. I am trading on my own and with my own capital and risk different future markets. I am independent and not paid by any organization or company. I am not a tipping or software sales service. My goal is to show every serious trader how markets really work and what’s behind the markets. Every trader can profit if he understands the basics behind trading, which is the Auction and the Order Book reading, based on Bookmap™.  Trading Bookmap

 “Both Walter & Peter spent an enormous amount of time presenting the material and explaining in depth any questions we had . They went out of their way to make sure we thoroughly understood the content before moving on”. Seminar Participant (03/2019)

Why do I do what I do? I do this because of our own past experience. Trading is a profession and not a hobby to me. It is a pleasure to show interesting traders how to trade profitably.


A solid understanding of futures trading terms and concepts including: order types and placement using a DOM; futures contracts and trading hours; awareness of market profile and volume profile concepts and terminology; basic technical analysis – common chart patterns and indicators. Since we are practicing with recorded data feeds which include mainly ES, CL, NQ futures it is mandatory to have the newest Bookmap™ software installed. It is inevitable to attend the seminar with an own Laptop or PC with preinstalled actual Bookmap™ version and build. We will help you to get a “standardized” Bookmap set up which is important for the whole seminar, because it will reflect a standardized Order Book.    Trading Bookmap Bookmap™ provides a 14 day trial with money back guarantee.  Please follow this link.  We are working with the data feed from Rithmic and dxFeed / US Stocks, dxFeed CME. We will help you to get a 14 day trial from dxFeed if needed.


Please register using our shop at We will send you all course related material, schedule, Zoom invitation, Bookmap™ setup plan and invoice to your registered eMail address. For further questions pls. send an eMail to [email protected]. Trading with Bookmap

Abstract – Trading with Bookmap

Would you like to know when a price move comes to it’s end? Are you eager to see in real time how this looks like? And, would you like to utilize this knowledge to get a good profit out of this situation – to become a contrarian?  Trading Bookmap And btw. can you reduce your trading risk by optimizing your MAE/MFE? Is it possible to find low-risk entries for your trades? Why is a pit auction important for your trading and how can you benefit of it? How is an Order Book organized? Why is the quality of data feed absolutely important? Do you trade instruments that suits you?  You will get satisfying answers and more to all these questions! Guaranteed!

Learn to be a Contrary and Profitable Trader

Contrary thinking and working works in any market simply because human nature is the same everywhere. Most people are followers and not leaders. In the marketplace they wait to buy until they see other people buying, and then wait to sell when until they see other people selling.  As a result, most people buy after price have already risen, and sell after prices have already fallen.  By chasing the crowd, the typical retail trader loses profits at both ends: he buys too high and sells too low. 
Contrary Trading with Bookmap

Contrary Trading with Bookmap

If you learn to recognize the extremes you can go against the crowd when signs of a manic top or panic bottom appear.  Today’s trading technology allows to analyze mass of data better then ever before. We can pinpoint the tops and bottoms (panic highs and lows) with Bookmap™ better then with any other chart type. Thanks to this advanced software development, we are now in a position to better interpret and understand the reactions in the markets based on the Order Book. We can structure this information and develop sustainably profitabel strategies and concepts based on them. Trading Bookmap Please read also “The Secret Behind Profitable Trading”. “These two guys are the most honest and hardest working educators I’ve ever been exposed too. After 40 years on Wall St running and manageing my own hedge fund I would highly,highly recommend them.” R.C. (03/2019)