Comment Policy

Hi Readers and Commenters!

TTWTRADER blog and trading room is for educational purposes only.  An open and controvers discussion is welcome. I have a very strict comment policy: 

I have ZERO tolerance for rude, obnoxious, toxic people. As much as I love this business and hanging with like-minded traders to make a buck AND have some fun, ANY member can, and will be, removed at ANY time for disrespectful, disruptive behavior. 

Please be so kind and follow this rules:

  • Use of any of the curse words and/or slurs we have on our blacklist will automatically flag a comment so it won’t appear on our site. Sometimes these words are used as part of a good discussion, these comments will be approved by a moderator when appropriate.
  • Comments can also be flagged for review by our readership (please do not abuse this option for other users you simply disagree with, it makes our moderation jobs a lot harder).

Here are some things which will get your comment deleted.

  • Personal attacks against another commenter or the writer of the post/website. This can run from name calling to sentences which include the words “people like you” or statements which begin “I bet you” or “you must/probably” etc. This is regardless of what “side” you’re on.
  • Jokes or aggressive negative comments on the aesthetic appearance of a person (commenters, writers, and folks mentioned in an article alike).
  • Hate speech or other clearly intentional jerk behavior.

Here are some things which will get your account banned.

  • Do NOT share conflicting info obtained from external trading services. ANY SPAMMING IS CAUSE FOR IMMEDIATE REMOVAL.
  • Engaging in any of the previously mentioned delete-worthy behaviors consistently and as part of a clear pattern OR presenting a particularly egregious example of one of those behaviors as a first comment (New to the site? Stopped by just to say something horrible? We don’t need you here.) 
  • Hate reading. If your history of commenting on ttw makes it seem like you only visit the site to start fights or specifically to disagree with us whenever we publish a post involving our core themes and for no other reason, we will ban you. Conversely, if you feel the site has changed in a drastic way and no longer appreciate or respect our content but stick around to tell us that every day, we’ll also take that as hate reading. Feel free to keep hate reading, but you’ll not be able to hate comment any more.
  • It is at the editors’ discretion to ban anyone whom they determine to be a detriment to the atmosphere of the comments section, the site in general, and our regular readers.

I love what I do and I would be more then happy when everyone who visit this site and our trading room will get some ideas how to improve his own trading style. If we are polite, critical and open for new ideas then we all will get the most out of it. 

Thank you for respecting this forum, the room, his readers and participants!