Hidden Order Plot

Dynamic Hidden Order Plot #

Definition #

The Dynamic Hidden Order Plot is a tool that visually aggregates both the historic and current Iceberg development as bars on the chart.

Strategy #

Watch for areas where accumulated Icebergs on the Bid or Ask are placed. These may be signs of resistance or support and can indicate a market direction shift.

License #


Example #

The Hidden Order Plot aggregates Bid and Ask Icebergs in a visual plot on the chart. In this example, the red area means that Hidden Asks are predominantly trading in the market, acting as a potential resistance area and suggesting a probable shift in market direction.

Settings #

Dynamic Hidden Order (Iceberg) Plot
Enable or Disable the plot on a chart by clicking the blue checkbox.

Evaluation Method
“Native” analyzes only Native Iceberg Orders in the plot
“Synthetic” analyzes only Synthetic Iceberg Orders in the plot
“Combined” analyzes both Native and Synthetic Iceberg Orders in the plot

Design and Layout
The “Edit” Button opens a configuration for Design and Layout wherein colors, symbols, size, intensity, style, and position of the signal can be customized.