How to upgrade to TTW-TrendAnalyzer Pro

TTW-TrendAnalyzer Pro enhances TTW-TradeFinder by filtering market events based on the prevailing trend. Unlock this powerful combination feature by upgrading now.

Upgrade Process #

For direct TTWtrader shop subscribers on, you already have the TTW-TrendAnalyzer Pro version.

Bookmap Marketplace subscribers can upgrade to Pro for free. #

Monthly Subscribers #

  1. Cancel your active subscription in Bookmap Marketplace under “Your Account” > “Manage Subscriptions” > “Cancel subscription.”
  2. Re-subscribe to TTW-TrendAnalyzer at our official webshop.
  3. If subscribing during your active subscription period, contact [email protected] for a coupon covering the difference.
  4. After re-subscription, you’ll have the TTW-TrendAnalyzer Pro version.

Lifetime Subscribers #

  1. Email [email protected] with your details and Bookmap-registered email address.
  2. Receive a 100% discount coupon for the TTW-TradeAnalyzer lifetime license.
  3. Upon purchase, you’ll have the TTW-TrendAnalyzer Pro version.