Installing TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap

Installation #

The installation of TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap is done in a few steps:

  1. Download the latest version of TTW-TradeFinder from and save the “.jar” on your hard drive.
  2. New releases are automatically posted on this website. If you download a “.zip” file, please unzip the file and only save the “.jar” file.
    1. Kindly note that antivirus programs can detect and classify JAVA (.jar) files as viruses.
      Rest assured, our files are safe to use!

Storing the JAR file #

We strongly recommend storing all Bookmap add-ons into a Bookmap subdirectory. The reason for doing that is that Bookmap will always find the add-on in the same directory.

In case you store the add-on in a temporary directory, like a download folder, or on your desktop, the TTW-TradeFinder add-on might be moved or deleted.

Install TTW-TradeFinder into a Bookmap subdirectory.

Adding TTW-TradeFinder to Bookmap #

  1. Open Bookmap menu “Configure API Plugins”.
  2. Click “Add”.
  3. Open file “tradefinder.jar” in the directory where the downloaded file is stored (see next screenshot).
  4. Open and select “tradefinder.jar”.
    img Open the indicator window in Bookmap™ (1), click on “Add” (2), and open tradefinder.jar (3)

License Key #

Enter your license key in the TTW-UserLicence field in the indicator settings window. Your license is delivered and included in your order confirmation eMail under “Your License ID“. You can also find it in your member portal on our webpage. It may take a couple of minutes until the license Key activates the indicators the first time.

Where to find your License Key? #

You can manage your subscription in the TTWTRADER MEMBER Portal

Member Portal

Activation #

Activate the indicators by checking the checkbox. Depending on your data, it will take a short time to recalculate all data for your instrument.

After successful activation, TTW-TradeFinder is ready to be configured.

Activate the checkbox to start TTW-TradeFinder.