Price Alert Settings

Price Alert settings #

DefinitionPrice Alert Indicator sends you sound alerts or a Telegram message when the market reaches any user-defined price level.
StrategyDefine specific price levels important for your trading strategy and get notifications when these levels are reached.

Example #

The price alert at 4010, named “Price Alert,” indicated with a pink line in the instrument chart.

You can define up to 20 price alerts per instrument.

Settings #

Add new Price Alert
Click on “Add new”

Removing all Price Alerts
Click on “Remove All”

Click on “Open Price Alerts Quick Settings” to open a separate window to manage your price alerts quickly.

Enable and Removal
Enable the price alert with the blue check box to receive alerts for this price alert. If you want to delete it from the chart, press the button “Remove”. If disabled, the price alert will stay on the chart, but no audio notifications will occur. Furthermore, the name of the disabled price alert will be displayed with a strike through it.

Disabled price alerts are indicated by a struck name and a softer color

Copying the price alert
Click “Clone” if you want the price alert copied.

  • Enter a name in the “Name” field. It is displayed on the chart.
  • Enter a price level where the price alert should be displayed and trigger a warning.
  • Choose a color for the price alert displayed on the chart.
  • Select a sound that will be played when an alert is triggered.
  • You can select Telegram notifications and Bookmap alerts to be triggered.

Clicking on “Price Alerts Quick Settings” opens a new window.
In this new window, you can easily and quickly enable and disable price alerts or change the names, colors, and price levels of your price alerts.

  • Click the checkbox to enable or disable notifications of this price alert.
  • Enter a new name in the Name field.
  • Click quickly three times on the name field, and you can select another color.
  • Type in a new price level to change price levels

Please note:
When the market reaches a price alert, the alert gets disabled automatically and needs to be re-enabled manually if desired.