Price Dynamic Plot

Price Dynamics Plot #

Definition #

Price Dynamics depicts the relationship between the market Bid and market Ask, the resting liquidity Bid and the resting liquidity Ask. It can be displayed on the chart or in the sub-chart as a line.
PDP is tested with ES-Future and instruments with similar liquidity. Depending on traded instruments’ structure and liquidity, PDP signals may be extraordinarily dynamic and be handled more cautiously.

Strategy #

Market exhaustion and energy can be observed in Price Dynamics to either support your trading decision or assist in identifying potential market reversals

License #


Example #

Price Dynamics is shown as a plotted bar in the trading chart and can be displayed as a line in the sub-chart. The bigger and more colorful the PDP sections are, the more it points to the exhaustion of aggressors.

Settings #

Settings window for Price Dynamics

Price Dynamics (sub chart lines)
Choose the colors for Ask and Bid Dynamics and the Zero Line (baseline) in the sub-chart.

Enabling the plot on the chart
Enable or disable the plot on the chart by clicking the blue checkbox.

Dynamics position on chart and design
Click the Edit Button to change the plot’s color, size, and position. You can use either fixed sizes for the property or “variable.” Variable means that the size of the plotted points varies depending on the value of Price Dynamics at that time; for example, a high value on Bid will create more significant green signals in the plot, which could mean exhaustion of the market.