The Hidden Order DOM

Hidden Order DOM #

Definition #

The Hidden Order DOM accumulates traded Iceberg Volume per price level depending on the user’s zoom factor on the chart to display Hidden Order activity in a manner similar to the DOM.

Strategy #

The high volume of Icebergs on single price levels indicates price levels that may be supported or defended by market participants.

License #


Example #

Depending on a user’s zoom factor, the Hidden Order DOM accumulates traded Iceberg Volumes on the chart per price level. It shows where the market defended or supported price levels with Icebergs and highlights important price levels. Zooming into the Hidden Order DOM, the traded lot size is shown.

Settings #

Settings window for Hidden Order DOM

Enable / Disable
Enable or disable the Hidden Order DOM on the chart by clicking the “Enable” checkbox.

Position / Size
Change the tool’s position and size by adjusting the sliding gauges.