TTW-TradeFinder Instrument Configuration

Video Tutorial

Discovering optimal settings

To identify the most suitable settings for your trading instrument, enhance your understanding of order flow events and TTW-TradeFinder, and elevate your trading performance.It is crucial to consistently review and fine-tune settings based on your individual trading approach.

Check out our YouTube video tutorial for guidance on determining the ideal TTW-TradeFinder settings.

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Locate the initial settings on Discord

On our Discord channel, we offer fundamental configurations for several frequently traded instruments. You can utilize these settings for your initial setup. Keep in mind that these configurations will be updated sporadically and require adjustments when market volatility changes.

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TTW workspace for Bookmap™

Advanced functions and a cleaner look & feel

Utilize the TTW workspace file specifically designed for Bookmap™ to optimize your trading experience with both Bookmap™ and TTW-TradeFinder. Be aware that this configuration file has been thoroughly examined and verified for compatibility with Bookmap™ Version 7.2.

Download TTW workspace file now

How TTW workspace will alter Bookmap™:

  • Enhanced column organization for improved legibility of order book data
  • Integration of Session Range Volume Profile
  • Inclusion of Cloud Notes for daily volume profile, options, and institutional levels (Note: Cloud Notes are limited to ES Future trading!)
  • Font size adjustments and modifications to Volume Dot arrangement
  • Removal of unnecessary indicators (if using TTW-TradeFinder)
  • Streamlined and minimalist design overall

How to apply TTW workspace file to Bookmap™

Before you proceed:
Save your current chart configuration by right-click on your chart, 'Chart Settings', select 'Save to File'.

1. Download the workspace file from this page.

2. Unzip the downloaded file to a desired directory on your computer.

3. Go to Bookmap™ trading chart to apply the workspace settings.

4. Right click on Bookmap™ trading chart - panel opens.

5. Select 'Chart Settings' and 'Load from File'.

6. Select the unzipped '.bmcs'-file and click 'Open'.

7. The configuration will be applied to your instrument.

You can at any time restore, save or inherit settings for your chart easily following this process.