Optimus Futures and TTWTrader

Our recommended futures trading broker for the Bookmap trading platform is Optimus Futures.  Please check out their site here: https://www.optimusfutures.com/

What makes Optimus Futures Unique?

One Word: Knowledge.  The knowledge that can guide you and build your foundation as a trader.

Their philosophy of Nurturing Traders stems from the top and pours down through every single aspect of our operations:

  • Starting with New Accounts Department to get your Trading Account set up
  • working with Technical Support to turn your Platform live
  • communicating with your broker on a daily basis to discuss trading techniques, margin requirements, tick fluctuations etc.

Optimus Futures will take care of you. I other words you will experience their level of commitment as an organization on every step you take with them as a trader


Optimus Futures is one of the most well-reputed brokerages in the futures industry owing to their technical expertise in supporting new traders and experts alike.

Their technical knowledge and helpful support is reflected in their new-client onboarding process. In addition it is also supplemented by video tutorials, platform guides and personal one-on-one guidance.

They can help you connect Bookmap to Rithmic (recommend data for execution and charting) or any other datafeed based on your preferences: CQG, Gain API or TT.

Optimus Futures is an Independent Introducing Broker. Therefore they can clear your business via numerous FCM’s depending on your level of funding, margin and software execution needs.

Bookmap’s integration with the multiple datafeeds and clearing options available through Optimus Futures at discounted commissions and aggressive margins provide traders with the right mix of technology, mentoring and execution.

Feel free to reach out to Optimus Futures and don’t forget to mention that you are a TTW student. Matt Zimberg is the lead broker, so give him a call at +1 (800) 771-6748 / Local (561) 367-8686 or email him at matt@optimisfutures.com.

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.