TTW-MarketVolumePro V. 3 for Bookmap

TTW-MarketVolumePro V. 3 for Bookmap

TTW-MarketVolumePro V 3 for Bookmap™ is developed to guide you with non-lagging traded market volume  or aggressor information through your trading day. It is a new generation of indicators which don't measure simple conditions like OHLC but real traded market volume.MarketVolumePro for Bookmap

TTW-MarketVolumePro V. 3 with new exciting features:

  • Colored visualization of vDelta / Stop Run indications
  • Individualized color settings
  • Adjustable market volume decay time
  • Individual signal settings
  • Full History update
  • Alert System
  • Absolute Volume Spike System

TTW-MarketVolumePro V. 3 for Bookmap analyses in real time:

  • Stop Runs
    • Detects Stop Runs in Real Time
    • Indicates on chart
    • Alerts in time
  • Colored vDelta indicator
    • Better visibility
    • Statistical overview of Buyers vs. Sellers
    • Indicates direction of a trend based on HitBID / LiftASK
    • Easy to read when Market starts trending
  • Comprehensive signal settings 
    • Defined by shape, size, position relative to price and color
  • Zero-Line cross for identifying congestion zones
  • HitBID / LiftASK Imbalances
    • See when market comes to a pause or reverses
    • Read traded market volume on Ask and Bid
    • Gives a clue what happens at extremes
  • Signal Levels
    • individual defined signal levels for buying or selling
    • draws your attention when one side starts to lead
    • Spot divergences or deltas based on HitBID / LiftASK market traded volume in time
    • Adjustable in shapes, sizes, positions relative to price and transparency in color settings
  • Market Volume Decay Time
    • Measures when market volume decays (faster or slower)
    • Best tested in replay mode to determine individual setting
  • Market Volume Velocity
    • Recognize when market is trending or declining
TTW-MarketVolumePro V. 3 for Bookmap™ is NOT a statistical representation of historical data. Our indicator plots in real-time data for all liquid instruments and markets to show skilled and professional order flow traders what the market is actually trading and what it intends to do. This is basically what differentiates Bookmap™ and our TTW-MarketVolumePro V.3 from other trading platforms. It is developed by professional traders for trading professionals! TTW-MarketVolumePro for Bookmap

Advantages of TTW-MarketVolumePro V. 3

  1. Life-Time-License
  2. Secure licensing on Bookmap Marketplace.
  3. Comprehensive Education in Bookmap Masterclass: Profitable Trading with LOB and Bookmap Available as in-person, mentoring or online education
  4. Runs on Bookmap for MAC, Windows, Linux
  5. Works with all data feeds (Rythmic, dxFeed, CQG, IQFeed, Cedro etc)
  6. Free updates life-time
  7. 7-day money-back-guarantee
  8. Enabled for MBO data like Rithmic and dxFeed. Works as well with additional data feed provider like CQG etc.

Installation and Setup Instructions:

  1. Download Bookmap 7.2 or 7.3 [From your Bookmap Portal]
  2. Login into Bookmap Marketplace
  3. Download TTW-MarketVolumePro V. 3 (package name
  4. Save, Copy it in your Bookmap folder
  5. Remove previous version of TTW-MarketVolumePro via “Configure API Plugins”
  6. Add TTW-MarketVolumePro  via “Configure API Plugins”
  7. Restart Bookmap
Please mind: To apply TTW-MarketVolumePro to stocks, you need a dxFeed subscription. See more here

How to use TTW-MarketVolumePro V.3 for Bookmap™

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