Bookmap Masterclass Online Video Education

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Bookmap Masterclass Online Education

Profitable Trading with LOB and Bookmap

Here’s what you get as soon as you complete the form:

  • 13 intensive hours of comprehensive online video education
  • Trading with Limit Order Book and Bookmap data visualization
    • All liquid future instruments and shares
  • Complete understanding how to trade price, volume and time
  • Understanding markets language and its interpretation
  • 4 profitable and working (!) strategies based on Bookmap and LOB
  • Comprehensive documentation (378 pages)
  • Unlimited service from experienced Bookmap educator
  • Primary support for Bookmap and indicators
  • Life Time Access to our ttwtrader trading  group
    • Open and closed rooms
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Bookmap Masterclass Online Education

Profitable Trading with LOB and Bookmap

Nowadays liquidity is a buzzword in trading. Many trading software providers use liquidity as a selling proposition and a promise for successful trading.

Is Liquidity Reliable?

Liquidity answers questions like: Which price level has the most limit orders?
BUT – liquidity does not answer questions like: Is that liquidity reliable or firm enough at this price to put my money on? In other words, should I trade at this level?

To get as close as possible to a satisfying answer which liquidity is reliable enough to put my money on, you need more information. Therefore, the right understanding and usage of the Limit Order Book answers these questions to a high degree.

Bookmap and Limit Order Book Education

My intensive online video seminar and skill transfer answers following questions:

  • How to utilize the Limit Order Book for a liquid instrument / share in your trading?
  • When is liquidity reliable?
  • Which level of liquidity is reliable?
  • Where and When to trade?
  • Why do prices move?
  • How to trade sweeps?
  • How do modern markets operate?
  • What are the best strategies in modern markets?
  • Who is playing the game?
  • How do they act and interact?

More then 13 hours of teaching material about Bookmap and Limit Order Book, it’s usage and reading,  shows you impressively what you have been missing in your trading up to now.

As a bonus you will have a look into our trading or education room recordings – uncut!
We apply acquired knowledge in our trading.


My online video course gives you the freedom to adopt every single lesson when you have time to learn.  You can proof the content of my course in live markets based on Bookmap every day.

All strategies based on Bookmap and Limit Order Book have been tested and proofed in our daily trading.


By purchasing my online video course you will get access to more than 13 hours learning material plus bonus material on

A 378 pages documentation, replay files and additional material are available via download and gives you a thorough and deep understanding about the market in general and how you can utilize this knowledge to become a profitable and self-confident trader.

Please read the e-learning T&Cs carefully!


A solid understanding of futures trading terms and concepts including: order types and placement using a DOM; futures contracts and trading hours; awareness of market profile and volume profile concepts and terminology; basic technical analysis – common chart patterns and indicators.

Please download information seminar flyer here.


Bookmap Content Seminar

Bookmap Content Seminar

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Online Trading Education


Stocks and options trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the stocks and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell stocks or options. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

5 reviews for Bookmap Masterclass Online Video Education

  1. Walter

    See full comment here
    Otra visión completamente diferente del trading basada en la importancia de la liquidez de la mano de dos grandes profesionales con una dilatada experiencia como demuestran en cada intervención durante el curso. Gente honesta, accesible y muy didáctica. Una buena inversión.

  2. Walter

    See original comment here.

    I have joined this seminar last Monday, 20 May. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the effort from Walter and Peter paid to train me. I took different trading courses in Hong Kong and US. They are the only teachers I met who clearly explain the importance of “liquidity”, It gives me a better understanding of the market. The seminar covers all trading styles ranging from intra-day scalpers to day swing traders with the emphasis on explaining the how and why of the market mechanism.

    They have taken the time to build a course, as well as give up their time to mentor students and create webinars for traders to discuss what they are learning and pose questions.

    This seminar was so great. I learned a lot of new things from them. Words cannot express how much they have influenced me this seminar.

    Thank you very much for all of them.

  3. Walter

    See orignal comment here.
    28. May 2019 at 19:24 (Edit)
    My name is John, and I just wanted to comment on how lucky I was to attend this course. I have been involved in trading for about 10 years and have spent a good deal of money on education, indicators, etc…; this course easily feels like the best investment i’ve made in my journey as a trader.
    Bookmap can be an incredibly powerful tool if you know how to use it, and you must understand how the market truly functions in order to do so. In the five days i spent learning from Walter, I gained insight on how to consistently decipher the limit order book and how to correctly identify concepts like liquidity, absorption , exhaustion, sweeping, and so much more.
    Walter and Peter are two of the most “professional” traders I have come in contact with,and their “professional” approach is embodied in every aspect of the class : the course material, the daily presentations,the instructional videos, the technical support…. just top-notch all around.
    Taking this class will not guarantee success as a trader; that is up to the individual and their determination to put in the time and effort to hone their trading plan and consistently execute it. Having said that, the knowledge and principles I gained from this class have left me feeling the most confident in my ability to be a successful trading professional for the longhaul than i have ever felt before.
    Thank you Walter
    -John E

  4. Walter

    There is nothing better on the education market then reading the order book and visualizing it with Bookmap!

  5. wtl

    If you are a Bookmap user then this is a must do seminar! Walter has created a very concise concept that will allow you to be educated on the orderbook and liquidity. This foundational knowledge then allows you to interpret market participants intentions to create your own methodology to create tradeable setups. I highly recommend this seminar.

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