Professional Trading with LOB and Bookmap™

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Bookmap Masterclass Online Education

Profitable Trading with LOB and Bookmap

Here’s what you get as soon as you complete the form:

  • 25 intensive hours of comprehensive online video education
  • Seminar update about “Where” and “When” to trade (Feb 2020)
    • + 2h and 48-page documentation
  • Seminar Update “Sweeps – What are they and how to trade” (March 2020)
    • + 2h and 24-page documentation
  • Seminar Update “SpotGamma and building how to build a “Trading Map” (April 2020)
    • + 2h and 14-page documentation
  • Seminar Update on “Stop Runs, IceBerg, TTW-MarketVolumePro, Correlations” (June 2020)
    • + 2h and 29-page documentation
  • Seminar Update on “Order Book Imbalances and how to trade!” (August 2020) 
    • + 2h and 30-page documentation
  • Trading with Limit Order Book and Bookmap data visualization
    • All liquid future instruments and shares at all exchanges
  • Comprehensive understanding how to trade price, volume and time
  • Understanding the “Golden Trading Rule” and its consequences for your trading
  • Understanding markets language
  • 4 profitable and proved (!) strategies based on Limit Order Book and Bookmap
  • Comprehensive documentation (378 pages + 139 update pages)
  • Unlimited service from experienced Bookmap educator
  • Free Updates and regularly meetings with the seminar team
  • Primary support for Bookmap™ and indicators
  • Lifetime Access to our live trading  group
    • Open and closed rooms
  • More details here.


Bookmap Masterclass Online Education

Profitable Trading with LOB and Bookmap

My course and knowledge transfer will empower you to see, understand and comprehend how liquid future and share markets behave and work. The dominant power behind all markets are institutions or big money who are in the position to move the price in their favor. My course demonstrates how smart money acts and how you can profit. Understanding their intentions you will be able to find entries with low-risk and high reward, finding clear targets and have reasons why to enter and execute a trade.

Limit Order Book Trading and it’s Presentation in Bookmap

My intensive 25h online video seminar and skill transfer answers following questions:

  • How to utilize the Limit Order Book for a liquid instrument / shares in your trading?
  • When is liquidity reliable?
  • Which level of liquidity is reliable?
  • Golden Trading Rule – you’ve probably never heard before!
  • Where and When to trade?
  • How to determine market direction using TTW-MarketVolumePro indicator?
  • Why do prices move?
  • What are sweeps?
  • How to trade sweeps and Stop Runs?
  • How to utilize Order Book Imbalances for profitable trading?
  • How do modern markets operate?
  • What are the best strategies in modern markets?
  • Option Market Maker and SpotGamma
  • How to build a “Trading Map”!

More than 24 hours of teaching material about Bookmap and Limit Order Book, it’s usage and reading, teaches you impressively what you have been missing in your trading up to now.


My 25h online video course gives you the freedom to adopt every single lesson when you have time to learn.  As a gold-member of the seminar team, you will learn how to apply the strategies traditionally using the “Golden Rule” presented in the seminar.

All strategies based on Limit Order Book and Bookmap have been tested and proven in our daily trading.


By purchasing our online video course you will get access to more than 25 hours learning material plus bonus material on

A 378 pages documentation plus 109-page update, replay files and additional material are available via download and gives you a thorough and deep understanding about the market in general and how you can utilize this knowledge to become a profitable and self-confident trader.

Please read the e-learning T&C carefully!


A solid understanding of futures trading terms and concepts including: order types and placement using a DOM; futures contracts and trading hours; awareness of market profile and volume profile concepts and terminology; basic technical analysis – common chart patterns and indicators.

You will need a Bookmap license. A 3-month Bookmap Global Plus special offer you can find here. For data feed MBO data are highly recommended. A demo is available at Rithmic. DxFeed offers high-quality data as a month by month subscription.

Rithmic data feed can be directly subscribed here.

Please download information seminar flyer here.

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Online Trading Education


Stocks and options trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the stocks and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell stocks or options. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

5 reviews for Professional Trading with LOB and Bookmap™

  1. Walter

    There is nothing better on the education market then reading the order book and visualizing it with Bookmap!

  2. wtl

    If you are a Bookmap user then this is a must do seminar! Walter has created a very concise concept that will allow you to be educated on the orderbook and liquidity. This foundational knowledge then allows you to interpret market participants intentions to create your own methodology to create tradeable setups. I highly recommend this seminar.

  3. John Stout (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for your updated training session today.
    I also wanted to tell you that my trading has turned around since my involvement with TTW, so thank you very much for putting together the whole program and Master Class into place.

    Two of the biggest things that helped me get turned in the right direction was learning …
    1. To realize not to trade statistical lines on charts, (there is so much bad training an information out there that I think the Market Makers like is this way by design) and..
    2. To use Correlations in building a Market Direction

    I’m still learning, and today just hearing it in a slightly different way and reviewing and covering how the puzzle pieces fit together was also another step forward.

    So just wanted to reach out and let you know that !

    John S.

  4. Stephan

    Hallo Walter,

    Ich weiß nicht wieviel Arbeit und Vorbereitung es braucht um solche Webinare vorzubereiten und dann noch die schriftliche Ausarbeitung dazu
    und das Ganze dann in Englisch es werden bestimmt viele Tage und Wochen Arbeit sein.

    Ich denke, dass die wenigsten Trader das zu schätzen wissen.

    Deshalb möchte ich dir hiermit einmal Danke dafür sagen.

    Man merkt dir richtig an, mit wieviel Herzblut und Leidenschaft es dir ein Anliegen ist, uns Anfänger bzw. Fortgeschrittene
    zu erfolgreichen Tradern auszubilden und das ganze selbstlos und ohne einen finanziellen Vorteil für dich auszunutzen.

    Was mir auch aufgefallen ist:
    Du respektierst und behandelst jeden gleich und gehst auf alle Fragen die von uns kommen ein und stellst dich mit uns auf eine Ebene,
    in dem Du uns als Kollegen bezeichnest obwohl wir oder die meisten noch Anfänger sind.

    Das ist schon bemerkenswert.

    Es gibt nicht mehr viele Menschen die sich so verhalten deshalb nochmal Vielen Dank für deine Mühe.

    Gruß Stephan

  5. Norbert Dolny

    Hello ,

    I have nothing to do with bookmap before that course, I heard about it from my friend, so I decided to take it. This course gives you a significant “edge” on the market.

    Walter is a real passionate of the market and bookmap, thats a proper person to learn from.

    If you are like me a total beginner with bookmap – dont worry, that is the place to get proper education with strategies and general outlook 🙂

    Good luck and have fun , I am pretty sure you will not regret !

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