Profitable Trading with Bookmap™ – Basics and Execution


Profitable Trading with Bookmap™ – Basics and Execution
5 Days Online Webinar á 5 Hours per Day**
Starting November, 18. – 22. 2019
One Time Seminar Fee (USD) $ 2.490,-
Including all Materials, Documentation, rec. Videos
Live time group member
Access to the Echofin Signal Room
1 Month Free “Live Education Room”, incl. recorded sessions



Profitable Trading with Bookmap™ – Auction, LOB, Market Mechanics, Profitable Execution

Profitable Trading with Bookmap means understanding the main market mechanic concepts and execute based on the visualization of the Limit Order Book (LOB). By taking this course you get answers to following questions:

  • How do modern markets operate?
  • Who is playing the game?
  • What are their motivations?
  • How do they act and interact?
  • How does all this affect liquidity and volatility?

Digging deeper into the market mechanics you will learn how to read the Order Book and understand the key order book concepts of Liquidity, Exhaustion, Absorption, Sweeping, Finished Auctions. You will understand how Book Flipping, Spoofing, Layering, Pulling and Stacking support your trading decisions. Based on that knowledge you will start to identify real time trading opportunities based on raw traded data. You will understand their significance and how you can act upon.

With this understanding, built up from first principles, you will learn how to effectively apply Bookmap™’s data presentation as a visualization aid that allows you to follow the order flow and make objective trading decisions.

In advanced concepts and strategies you will learn more about liquidity and absorption, it’s characteristics and why and when they happen. Based on that knowledge we will show you at least 5 working strategies which can be used in your preferred trading environment for trading and as a kind of framework.

Advanced concepts include also the correlation section where you will see that nothing works in isolation.

It will become apparent to you how, when and why to apply and act on order flow events as they happen in real time.

All strategies based in Order Book and Order Flow has been tested and proofed in our daily trading.

A more than 370 pages documentation, quizzes, recorded files and intensive practice completes this 25 hours  seminar.

Course Prerequisites Profitable Trading with Bookmap

A solid understanding of futures trading terms and concepts including: order types and placement using a DOM; futures contracts and trading hours; awareness of market profile and volume profile concepts and terminology; basic technical analysis – common chart patterns and indicators.

Since we are practicing with recorded data feeds which include mainly ES, CL, NQ futures it is mandatory to have the newest Bookmap™ software installed.

We will provide you a Bookmap™ 14-day trial licence and data feed – if required.

Bookmap Course

Bookmap Education


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