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With TradeFinder for Bookmap you gain deep and real-time market insights directly on your trading chart.

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TradeFinder for Bookmap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which markets and instruments does TradeFinder support?

TradeFinder supports all markets and instruments for which Bookmap offers data feeds. This includes a wide range of assets such as futures, stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The utility of TradeFinder across these markets allows traders to leverage its features for a comprehensive analysis of market dynamics and order flows.

Data Feed Compatibility

  • TradeFinders functionality and the availability of specific features depend heavily on the quality of the data provided by the data feed.
  • For features that rely on detailed market data, such as native icebergs and sweeps, the data feed must offer a high level of detail. For example, Rithmic is recommended for futures due to its high-quality data which enables all features of TradeFinder.
  • In markets like cryptocurrencies and stocks, data feeds such as Binance and dxFeed are recommended. However, the availability of advanced features may vary based on whether these feeds provide the necessary depth and quality.

Note: Its important to ensure that your data feed supports the level of detail required for the TradeFinder features you intend to use. If you are unsure about the compatibility or availability of certain features with your current data feed, consider running TradeFinder in Bookmaps replay mode to test the features with your data feed. TradeFinder is free to use in Bookmaps replay mode, allowing you to fully explore its capabilities without incurring additional costs.

What Version of Bookmap do I need to run TradeFinder?

All TradeFinder versions work with all Bookmap versions from Bookmap v. 7.3 onwards.

Does the TradeFinder Subscription include data feeds or Bookmap?

No, a TradeFinder subscription does not include a data feed or a Bookmap license. TradeFinder is an addon for Bookmap, designed to enhance the analytical capabilities of the Bookmap platform by providing additional trading indicators and order flow analysis tools.

  • Bookmap License: You must have a separate Bookmap license to use TradeFinder. Bookmap is a powerful market visualization tool that provides real-time data and historical market data visualization, which is crucial for effectively utilizing TradeFinder.
  • Data Feed Subscription: Additionally, you need a subscription to a data feed. The data feed provides the market data that Bookmap, and consequently TradeFinder, uses to display and analyze market conditions. The choice of data feed should align with the markets and instruments you trade, as different feeds offer varying levels of detail and data quality.
Can I try TradeFinder for free?

Yes, you can try TradeFinder for free using Bookmap replay mode. This mode allows you to use all features of TradeFinder without a live subscription, making it an excellent way for traders to explore the tools functionalities and confirm its compatibility with their trading strategies and data feeds.

  • Record Data: Start by recording live market data in Bookmap during trading hours. You can record data from any supported market and data feed.
  • Restart in Replay Mode: Once you have recorded the necessary data, restart Bookmap in replay mode.
  • Load TradeFinder: After switching to replay mode, load the TradeFinder addon. This will activate all features as if you were using it in a live market environment.

Using TradeFinder in replay mode is particularly useful for:

  • Testing Features: Evaluate all available features thoroughly to see how they perform with historical data.
  • Strategy Development: Use the tool to develop and refine your trading strategies without any risk.
  • Learning and Experimentation: Familiarize yourself with the functionalities of TradeFinder at your own pace.

Note: While replay mode offers comprehensive functionality, it simulates conditions with previously recorded data. For real-time testing and to fully experience the dynamic market response, a live subscription would eventually be necessary.

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