Detect and Trade Trends in Orderflow

Follow the Market, Not Your Emotions: TrendAnalyzer for Bookmap Helps you Detect and Analyze Trends In-depth.

Why you need TrendAnalyzer Pro for Bookmap

The Expert Trading Tool for Trend Analysis

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Short- and long-term Trend detection
Introducing a versatile trading tool for setting various trends on financial instruments. Enjoy real-time updates and customize trends to fit your trading style. Boost your trading experience with this flexible and user-friendly solution.
History Simulator
Trend simulation detect trend performance based on historical data. Fine-tune settings for better trend identification and reducing false signals.
'TradeFinder Integration'
Maximize TrendAnalyzer Pro by combining it with TradeFinder for additional trend filtering that affects orderflow events triggering against the trend direction.
Stock, Futures or Cryptos - Its a versatile tool for every kind of instrument.
TrendAnalyzer & TradeFinder Bundle

Link Orderflow Trading with Trend Detection

Subscribe to TrendAnalyzer Pro and TradeFinder Ulta in our bundled package. This enhances TradeFinder by additional features improving the view on your instrument.

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Trading Chart Showing Trend Lines and TradeFinder Events

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between TrendAnalyzer and TrendAnalyzer Pro?

TrendAnalyzer and TrendAnalyzer Pro are tools designed to assist traders in identifying market trends, but they differ in terms of functionality and integration capabilities:

  • TrendAnalyzer: This tool helps traders to easily identify the direction of market trends. It is available exclusively through the Bookmap Marketplace. TrendAnalyzer is ideal for traders looking for basic trend analysis capabilities without additional integrations.
  • TrendAnalyzer Pro: This enhanced version offers all the features of TrendAnalyzer with the added benefit of integration with TradeFinder. The key feature of TrendAnalyzer Pro is its ability to function as a "Signal Filter" within TradeFinder, based on the direction of the trend. This integration makes TrendAnalyzer Pro a more powerful tool for traders who use both TrendAnalyzer and TradeFinder to refine their trading strategies. TrendAnalyzer Pro is available exclusively through our website at
What data feeds and instruments are compatible with TrendAnalyzer?

TrendAnalyzer is designed to be compatible with all data feeds and instruments that are available in Bookmap. It does not require any special data feed characteristics to function effectively. This flexibility allows traders using any standard Bookmap data feed to benefit from TrendAnalyzer’s capabilities to analyze and interpret market trends.

Whether you are using data feeds and instruments for equities, futures, or cryptocurrencies, TrendAnalyzer can work seamlessly with the data provided through Bookmap, making it a versatile tool for traders across different markets.

Can I try TrendAnalyzer for free?

Yes, you can try TrendAnalyzer Pro for free using Bookmap replay mode. This mode allows you to use all features of TradeFinder without a live subscription, making it an excellent way for traders to explore the tools functionalities and confirm its compatibility with their trading strategies and data feeds.

  • Record Data: Start by recording live market data in Bookmap during trading hours. You can record data from any supported market and data feed.
  • Restart in Replay Mode: Once you have recorded the necessary data, restart Bookmap in replay mode.
  • Load TrendAnalyzer Pro: After switching to replay mode, load the TrendAnalyzer Pro addon. This will activate all features as if you were using it in a live market environment.

Using TrendAnalyzer Pro in replay mode is particularly useful for:

  • Testing Features: Evaluate all available features thoroughly to see how they perform with historical data.
  • Strategy Development: Use the tool to develop and refine your trading strategies without any risk.
  • Learning and Experimentation: Familiarize yourself with the functionalities of TrendAnalyzer Pro at your own pace.

Note: While replay mode offers comprehensive functionality, it simulates conditions with previously recorded data. For real-time testing and to fully experience the dynamic market response, a live subscription would eventually be necessary.

Upgrade TrendAnalyzer to Pro for Free

Benefit from a cost-free Pro upgrade if you are an existing subscriber of TrendAnalyzer on the Bookmap Marketplace in few simple steps.