TTW-TradeFinder – a Unique Trading Concept for Bookmap

9 thoughts on “TTW-TradeFinder – a Unique Trading Concept for Bookmap”

  • matt says:

    i want to try tradefinder ultra before subscribing.


  • Paul Stackpole says:

    Hi Walter and/or service manager I’ve been following you on You Tube and am Sold.
    I got my Bookmap Global Plus subscription installed and my rythmic subscription installed
    and want to buy subscription to Tradefinder Ultra. My ONLY concern is that I had a lot of problems getting my rythmic connection to Bookmap and spent 2 days of emails back and forth and Bookmap service finally did a remote session to my computer today and got it working in 5 minutes. Works perfect, I believe that what you offer is better than BM MBO module-but it will do me no good if I cant get it installed correctly. If I run in to problems- do you have a service rep that can help install? Id much rather buy Tradefinder then BM MBO module Thank You Paul

    • wtl says:

      Hi Paul, yes. Please write to support at ttwtrader dot com. As well, see our tradefinder dot info starter guide and user guide.
      Drop me an email when you are ready. I will assist as soon you’re ready.

    • wtl says:

      Hi, yes. As soon you are ready pls. drop me an email at support at ttwtrader dot com. Will assist as soon you are ready.

  • JIE LI says:


    I am a user of TTW ULTRA, how to set the parameters of CME FX Future(6E/6B/6J….).


  • Philippe Avila says:

    I contacted TTWTrader because I thought I was having some issues with the TTWTradefinder add-on. Right away Walter suggested to log in to my computer via TeamViewer and this was after the first email reply, with other services/software it takes 3-5 back and forth emails. 
    The issue was with bookmap, not TTWTradefinder. He then offered to reset all my settings in all my instruments (subscriptions) that I use TTWTradefinder. 
    How cool is that!!???! My TTWTradefinder is purring like a cat!!
    Thank you TTWTRader for the tuneup!!!

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