TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap

Please download latest TTW-TradeFinder release here: 
TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap (Basic and Pro)

Installation (See also User Guide)

  1.  Open Bookmap menu: „Configure API Plugins“.
  2.  Click „Add“.
  3.  Open file „tradefinder.jar“ in the directory where the downloaded file is stored.
  4. You must select „tradefinder.jar“ twice to install both indicators included. One after the other:
    1. TTW-TradeFinder
    2. TTW-LiquidityTracker
  5. Activate the indicators by checking the checkbox.
  6. Enter your license key in „TTW-UserLicense“
    1. Your license is shipped and included in your order confirmation email under „Your License ID“.
    2. In your account on our webpage.
  7. After successful activation TTW-TradeFinder is ready to be configured according to your instruments.
TTW TradeFinder Comparison Table

TTW TradeFinder Comparison Table

TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap supports professional traders making better and profitable trading decisions based on market order flow facts!

TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap uses real-time data (MbO Data) to analyze any liquid instrument (Stocks, Futures) traded.

  • Tracks all limit and market order transactions in real-time.
  • Analyses reliably Icebergs, Stop Runs, Liquidity
  • Visualizes filtered events in real-time on chart
  • Alert traders in case of defined events
  • Mobile alerts for the trader
  • Send messages to a messenger (Telegram)
  • Data analysis based on MbO Data.