Education and Videos

TTW-TradeFinder Introduction

Release Video

Learn about the basics of TTW-TradeFinder.

Installation Video

Installation of TTW-TradeFinder is quick and easy. Check here on how to install.

Deep Dive: Imbalance Tracker

See why Orderbook Imbalances are important for daily trading and how TTW-TradeFinder helps you looking at them.

Deep Dive: Volume and Liquidity

How to read volume and liquidity in daily trading.

Deep Dive: Hidden Orders / Iceberg Orders

Understanding and Trading Hidden Orders aka Icebergs.

Deep Dive: Market Volume Stops

Learn about how Market Volume Stops show aggressor exhaustion and provide great trading opportunities.

Deep Dive: Sweeps, Volume Spikes and Absorption

Learn how to look out for important events like Sweeps, Volume Spikes and Exhaustion.


TTW-MarketVolumePro Basics and Concept Explained

How to determine Market Direction with TTW-MarketVolumePro

TTW Webinars

Webinar from March 2022