How to trade Market Volume Stops with TTW-TradeFinder 3.4 and Bookmap?

TTW-TradeFinder V. 3 Release and How to….

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TTW-TradeFinder Version 3 release and How to update configuration files with our cloud solution. 


TTW-TradeFinder General Overview Series

TTW-TradeFinder introduction to 

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TTW-TradeFinder – Sweep, Stop Run, Absorption Explained


TTW-TradeFinder – What you should know about Hidden Orders aka Icebergs!


How to Read Trading Liquidity and Trading Volume Better with TTW-TradeFinder?


TTW-TradeFinder – How to Configure!

Webinar held on March 9. 2021

TTW-TradeFinder is a unique visual presentation for Bookmap™ of

TW-TradeFinder is a unique visual presentation for Bookmap™ of Hidden Orders aka Icebergs, Stop Runs aka Sweeps or Volume spikes, Hidden Liquidity Changes based on Market-by-Order data. Additionally, we added Liquidity and Volume measurements and mobile phone notifications.

TTW-MarketVolumePro Explained

TTW-MarketVolumePro is available for dxFeed, Rithmic and other data feeds.

It is a new generation of indicators for professional traders which don’t measure simple conditions like OHLC or / and simple amount of volume but real traded market volume based on Market-by-Order data. Read more…

How to Determine Market Direction with TTW-MarketVolumePro

Every trader wants to know where the market is likely to head to. Bookmap is telling every trader in REAL TIME what a liquid market is doing and what it intends to do. Knowing how to utilize market signs thanks to Bookmap answers following question:

This video covers following topics:

  1. Short intro in Limit Order Book conventions
  2. Functions of TTW-MarketVolumePro
  3. Installation
  4. Example based on ESH0 from Feb.2020

TTW-MarketVolumePro can guide you effectively through your trading day!

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Product description here.

How to utilize the LOB with Bookmap™

How to utilize the knowledge of LOB mechanics together with data visualization platform Bookmap for effective trading. 

Pro Trader Webinar Sept. 24th 2019

Live Education Room Dec. 16th. 2019

Insights of our Live Education Room. Public recording from Monday, Dec. 16th 2019. Q&A included.

Trading based on Bookmap and LOB. My trading style is based on knowledge and experience. That’s what I am trying to communicate and what makes me confident in my trading decisions. See my daily prep on Twitter.

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Is Liquidity Reliable?

Liquidity answers questions like: Which price level has the most limit orders? BUT – liquidity does not answer questions like: Is that liquidity reliable or firm enough at this price to put my money on?

In other words, should I trade at this level?

To get as close as possible to a satisfying answer which liquidity is reliable enough to put my money on, you need more information. The right understanding and usage of the Limit Order Book answers these questions to a high degree.

Bookmap and Limit Order Book Education

Bookmap™ Masterclass: Online Course Announcement

TTW Webinar “Ask me Anything”, May 09th 2019

Setup a Limit Order Book in Bookmap™