TTW Combo Seminar, Training, and Trading Video & Documentation Bundle – English:

Transform Your Trading with TTW-TradeFinder and TTW-TrendAnalyzer PRO!

Unlock the mysteries of trading with our unique TTW Combo Seminar. This product includes a comprehensive video recording of our Training and Trading Day seminar. Walter, a seasoned Bookmap instructor, guides you through the complex trading landscape, demonstrating the potent capabilities of TTW-TradeFinder and TTW-TrendAnalyzer PRO.

This seminar caters to all – from trading novices seeking foundational knowledge to seasoned traders aspiring to sharpen their skills. It provides an opportunity to absorb knowledge that could significantly influence your trading endeavors and profitability.

For just $499, this one-time investment grants you access to our seminar recording, in-depth documentation, and presentation materials. Enjoy the flexibility to engage with these resources at your convenience, anywhere, anytime. The pathway to becoming a more insightful trader is merely a click away!

Seminar Chapters:

  • Introduction & Risk Disclaimer
  • Strategic Approach
  • Importance of DOM
  • Order Flow Events & Their Significance
  • Defining Trends & TA Functions
  • 4 Pillars & Trend Recognition
  • Identifying Exits & Counter Trades
  • Correlation Bird’s View & FAANG
  • TF User Guide
  • Psychological Aspects
  • Useful Sources

Training and Trading Day:

  • Identifying Trends and Exits
  • Timing Entries and Exits
  • Chapter 11: Scalping Strategies – Tips and Hints
  • Option and Daily Levels
  • Correlations
  • Live Trading

Product Details:

  • 5.5-hour Seminar Videos
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Downloadable Presentation

Leverage the strength of TTW-TradeFinder and TTW-TrendAnalyzer PRO today. Make a worthwhile investment in your trading education with the TTW Combo Seminar, Training, and Trading Video & Documentation Bundle!