TTW Company Principles

1. Commitment to Professional Traders: At TTW, our core mission is to develop high-quality trading software specifically tailored for professional traders. Our dedication is to those who take trading seriously and seek to enhance their trading strategies with reliable, cutting-edge technology.

2. Innovative Trading Tools: We provide a suite of advanced tools, including TradeFinder, TrendAnalyzer, and MarketVolume PRO, designed to deliver real-time insights into market trends and order flow events. Our software is built to present complex data clearly and effectively, enabling traders to make informed decisions swiftly.

3. Empowering Individual Strategies: TTW’s technology is crafted to complement and elevate personal trading strategies, not replace them. We encourage traders to integrate our tools into their unique approaches, fostering a blend of technology and individual expertise for optimal trading performance.

4. Unique Approach to Order Flow Analysis: Our software excels in the nuanced field of order flow analysis, offering a distinct advantage to those who master its application. We believe in the transformative power of our tools when used with skill and precision.

5. Transparency and Self-Reliance: Standard tool setups are shared on our DISCORD channel, promoting a foundation of transparency. However, the specifics of our values and settings remain proprietary to foster individual development and analytical skills among traders. This approach not only promotes personal growth and self-reliance but also safeguards the market’s integrity. If too many traders were to employ the identical setup, it could potentially impact market dynamics. We encourage a culture of innovation and individual strategy to maintain a healthy trading environment.

6. Real Traders, Real Trading: We are a collective of professional traders who derive our income from active participation in the stock and future market. Our expertise is grounded in real-world trading experience, distinguishing us from conventional course sellers or trading coaches.

7. Supportive Community: While our primary focus is trading, we understand the value of support and guidance. TTW offers personalized advice and support services tailored for serious traders who demand more than just tools—they seek a partnership in their pursuit of trading excellence.

8. Continuous Improvement and Innovation: We are committed to continuous development, both of our tools and our community. TTW stands at the forefront of trading technology and consulting support, ensuring seasoned traders have access to the best resources to succeed in the ever-evolving trading landscape.

[Version Jan. 2024]