Current Average Volume and Liquidity Meter

Average Volume / Liquidity #

Definition #

Current Average Liquidity is a great supportive indicator in TTW-TradeFinder Pro, which measures the current average liquidity of an instrument – regardless of whether it is a future or a stock.
Every traded, liquid stock exchange security, on every stock exchange worldwide, has different liquidity at every point of time of the day because the participation of the market participants is subject to constant change.

Strategy #

The Current Average Liquidity measures the average liquidity in the DOM of an instrument starting from BBO (Best Bid Offer) level. The average volume size in the DOM informs you about the participants’ interest in trading at any given time.

License #


Example #

The average volume and liquidity meter can be customized to either display on the instrument’s chart or in a separate window.

Settings #

Settings window for the Average Volume and Liquidity meter

Enabling / Disabling
Disable the meter on the chart by choosing “Disabled” in the “Position” Dropdown menu. Select any other option within the same dropdown menu to enable a specific chart spot.

Layout & Design
A trader can select different layouts and designs for the display can be selected from the dropdown menu. To open the meters in a separate window, click “Activate Volume and Liquidity Live View.” Please keep in mind, only the “Professional” design is available for the live view.

Current Average Liquidity
Define the “DOM level from” and “DOM level to” about the current traded price levels. This parameter establishes a price range for the algorithm to track changes in the relative liquidity of resting Bid/Ask limit orders. 

Current Average Volume
Define seconds for which the average traded market volume is calculated backward from the current time.

The update button copies the current values for this indicator into the fields next to it for statistical evaluation for the user.

External Live View #

External Live View of the Average Volume Meter and Average Liquidity Meter

By clicking the “Activate Volume and Liquidity Live View” button, a new window opens where the indicator is shown and can be moved off the chart. The external Live View can be used to stack several market meters together to monitor an overview of changing market conditions.