Stop Sweep

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Definition #

A stop sweep is a large market order triggered by a stop order.

Scheme #


Description #

In this example, someone placed a market order of 60 lots (the „trigger“), which moved the price up by 1 tick.

The price movement triggered a large stop order executed as a market order of 800 lots.

Due to its size, we call this order a „stop sweep“.

The stop sweep pushed the price further by 3 ticks, triggering a smaller stop order of 10 lots.

Together they formed a stop run containing 2 stop orders and a total volume of 810 lots.

Blue Colored Stop Sweep #

A blue colored Sweep represents a

  • Single Stop Run! as a Sweep

Several blue-colored sweeps can be single events or will appear on the chart with a Native Stop Run.

Blue Colored Sweep with a Native Stop Run!

Example #

The example above shows a real-time Native Stop Event on the chart.

The Buy Stop Run includes the following real-time information

  1. Buy Stop Run or Sell Stop Run
  2. Executed at a price of 3613.50 ES.
  3. 521 lots were executed market
  4. Stop run took 7 Ticks
  5. 27 orders were traded to execute 521 lots at market
  6. The transaction took 106 ms to finish the stop run

Blue Sweep #

1 single stop order was executed with a size of 450 contracts.

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